Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sasquash, Chickens and Butter Peas

Oh, OK, it wasn't really Big Foot. It was Butternut Squash. Still, he takes a good picture, doesn't he?

Tonight's dinner:

Butternut Squash and Apple Soup
Pecan-crusted Chicken Breasts
Butter Beans

I was going to cook green beans, but Pootie immediately started whining "Ohhh WHY are you making GREEN BEANS when we have blackeyed peas, and green peas and lima beans and butter peas and okra and ALL KINDS of vegetables I love! I don't even LIKE green beans!" Ohhhkaaayyyy! Green beans went back into the fridge and out came the butter peas.

The soup I started by roasting the squash outside on the grill.

While that cooked (gas grill at 350 - 400, drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with kosher salt), I chopped an onion and an apple and sauteed those in a medium heavy pot.
Scooped out the squash innards and added those to the pot, then simmered that in some chicken stock. I pureed the lot when everything was tender. That gave me the consistency of baby food. I guess you could stop there if you have a little one. But we don't, so I added about a cup of skim milk and stirred it and reheated it. Tasty and sweetish. Pootie liked it.

For the chicken, I pounded boneless, skinless chicken breasts until they were nice and flat. Then I dredged them in a little wheat flour, shook that off, then into beaten egg white, shaking off that excess, then dipped that into a mixture of pulverized pecans and wheat flour. A short browning in a little olive oil was all they needed to crisp and cook.

The butter peas got unceremoniously dumped from a frozen package into some sauteed onions and some chicken stock and simmered until they were done. They taste an awful lot like lima beans to me, which is what I actually grew up calling lima beans - butter beans. I need to look up what the difference is. The butter beans look rounder and a little paler, but that's about all I could tell. Maybe slightly milder flavor? They were good, anyway, and we enjoyed them.

I said to Pootie, "Did you enjoy your dinner?" and he said "Yep." And I said, "How was it?" he said "Good." I said "... but not spectacular." And he said "It wasn't as spectacular as the meal we had at Marc's on Market Saturday night, but I don't want that every night. Some nights I just want simple, wholesome, tasty food, like we had tonight."

You know? I'll take that.

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