Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Salad with Apple Cider Vinaigrette and White Bean Soup

I was totally Godzilla of the salad last night! I OWNED it! Unfortunately, the white bean soup was Tokyo. Salty like the sea, from whence Godzilla came. (sigh) Yes. I know. Taste as you go. Also, I was working under a time constraint (someone saying "Is dinner ready yet?"), so the beans weren't as soft as I like them. I expect it will be better today, actually, so I'm going to try it again for lunch. I might add more beans to balance out the salt. There are few things I love more than white bean soup. Sometimes, it's even better than Chee-tohs. (I know, right?!)

The salad was just crisp greens with apple and some quick-candied pecans with an apple-cider vinaigrette. For the pecans, I just put them in a small skillet with a couple of tablespoons of maple syrup and a pinch of salt, then stirred them around over medium heat until the maple syrup was bubbly. I dumped them out on a piece of waxed paper and let them cool, then tossed them in with the salad. I got inspired for a salad with a vinaigrette when I watched a little broadcast of Laurie Buckle (Fine Cooking editor) demonstrating the ratios of a vinaigrette yesterday. Oh, I do love that magazine. The salad was perfect and I ate all of it. This is huge, by the way. If you'll recall, me vs. vegetables usually results in a loss for me. So I almost didn't mind the white bean soup fail. I've nailed that plenty of times.

Now, if you're keeping up, you'll recall that yesterday I posted a short blog and link to the food blogs that have been nominated for awards this year on foodbuzz. I was whining about it to my little brother John, who, by the way, is an absolutely awesome photographer. Disgusting. I'd be proud if I wasn't so damned jealous. Anyway, I was bitching and moaning about the fact that my photos will never look as good as the ones in these other blogs. (NEV-ER) He informed me that I will not be able to take good pictures of food without better equipment. I've had this backed up by another friend of mine (Tony Nelson) who is a professional photographer. I guess I need to look into a light box and a camera I can manually focus.

Now before you say "Whoa, there, Wild Woman! Simmer down! There are only five of us who read your blog, and three of those are related to you!", fear not. I have no illusions of fame and fortune. I do this blog mostly for my own amusement. But I would like it to be prettier, and so I'll be working on that. Meanwhile, you can be content with ripped off pictures from the internet, some mediocre photos from my digital point and shoot, and a guarantee that you will find more swear words in my food blog than in any of the nominees for this year. Booyah!

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