Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Roasted Pesto Chicken and Greens

I know we just had a roasted chicken, but I need the carcass today. I'm out of chicken stock, and Pootie has requested a soup re-stock for the fridge. It's just such a good way to get vegetable servings quickly. So I took a chicken, spatchcocked it (well, "her", I guess), and smeared pesto under the skin. Forty minutes on the gas grill at about 400, and we were ready to eat.

I also cooked some gorgeous greens that I got from Dave and Christen at the Farmer's Market on Saturday. Of course, I started out with a bushel and wound up with two tablespoons. I crisped up some pancetta and minced garlic, added the greens and some chicken stock (what I had left) and salt and pepper, and simmered them until there was almost nothing left. They tasted fresh and OK, but I'm just not a greens fan. They have that weird bitter aftertaste that I find unpleasant. Pootie liked them, though, and he's also not a greens fan. He said his mom and dad would love them. (They grew up with greens). I probably won't make them again anytime soon.

We also had a salad with the fresh Winesap apples I got Saturday. Those are SO good.

So this morning, I start a big pot of chicken stock, and late this afternoon, when I finish working, I'll put together some soups. I'm thinking broccoli, asparagus, carrot, tomato-basil, and butternut squash.

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