Tuesday, October 6, 2009

No, I haven't forgotten you

The past two nights we've been to birthday parties, so I haven't cooked. Saturday night, Phillip insisted on cheeseburgers. I didn't especially think that was blog-worthy. So that's why there's been silence on the airwaves here.

Here's my stream-of-consciousness right now.

I'm feelin' kind of white bean soup-ish tonight. Not sure if I'll get away with it, though. I think we have a flounder I have to cook, or it won't be any good anymore.

My new laptop is still being put together, so I'm limping on this old one, and haven't bothered loading MasterCook on it. I miss it.

We've set the date for our annual Holiday party, (Dec. 19) so I'm starting to think in terms of what I'm cooking for that. I'll be throwing some notes about it out here. I will definitely be making beef stroganoff again, because it doesn't require a knife, it can be made well ahead of time, and it reheats and keeps well in the steamer tray.

I have been asked to judge a clam chowder contest in a couple of weeks. That should be interesting. I'll blog about that when the time comes.

That's all I got, today. I'm thinking lunch is due.

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