Thursday, September 17, 2009

What Not To Do in Food Presentation

I could start out by saying "What's wrong with this picture?", but you would probably come up with so many different things that I'd be insulted, and that's no way to start out a blog. So I will just point out that tonight's dinner is basically light brown. Monochrome. Now that's all right if you're decorating your spa room, or dressing for an outing in the Sahara, or shooting a sci-fi film, but when you're preparing a meal, it's not so great. It's not interesting, plated. I truly think this is why green vegetables were invented - to garnish and liven up the plate.

But alas, I was out of green vegetables, and I'm only cooking for us, (and you), and I had a big-ass head of cauliflower I needed to use. And I love roasted cauliflower! So it was that and some crispy panko chicken cutlets, and some stewed apples with dried cranberries. (Please note. Dried Cranberries. Not light brown.)

I have a reputation among friends and family for being a Brown Food Fiend. I like me some meat and potatoes. But cauliflower, while brown when roasted, does indeed count as a vegetable, and has good stuff in it, like vitamins and things. I cannot understand how people eat that stuff uncooked and unadorned, but MAN it's good drizzled with some olive oil, sprinkled with kosher salt and pepper and crisped up... MMMMMMMMMMMMmmmm! Sure does make a huge difference.
So there's your lesson in food photography. I have a couple of links I need to read that my brother sent me. He actually knows something about the art of picture-taking, whereas I can't even claim to be a poser. How sad is that?
Oh well. At least I can make good Brown Food.

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