Friday, September 4, 2009

Turkey Cutlets with Apples and Corn Basil Soup

My camera is still in the pocket of my kayak PFD in the car. We went kayaking Tuesday evening and I haven't managed to go outside and bring it in. I should probably do that. At any rate, that's why no pictures.

I have a few meals to catch up on, once I remember what we've eaten since Game Night on Saturday. But last night we had a good corn and basil soup and some turkey cutlets with apples.

Here's Fine Cooking's picture of the soup. I'm pretty sure Scott Phillips took it. He totally rules. Mine didn't have the proscuitto in it. It was tasty, though! I expect it will be good cold, too.

The turkey cutlets I browned in olive oil, then sliced some apples and browned those in olive oil and served them with the turkey. Pretty good. I'm seriously ready for fall.

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