Friday, September 4, 2009


Tomorrow morning, I will be baking. Phillip's dad is having a party for his lovely wife's birthday (along with his own, which is two days later). It's being catered, but he didn't much care for the dessert selections, so he asked me to cook for it. There are going to be about 34 people there, so I've decided on two cakes and some bars. I'd do more, but we'd just be stuck with a bunch. People just don't seem to eat desserts at these things.

So I've decided on a Glazed Lemon Cake, a Plum Cake and Walnut Caramel Bars. I should be able to get those cranked out in fairly quick order tomorrow morning.

An aside about the Plum Cake. This is a recipe I love that I grew up with. It's basically a very moist bundt spice cake. It calls for a jar or two (I forget) of plum or apricot baby food. Now, you guys know I don't have kids, and apparently, I have missed a memo or two on children's products. What on earth happened to plain old single fruit baby foods? I scoured the aisle and couldn't find plum OR apricot. Oh, I found plum and banana and apple, and apricot and apple, and apricot and prune, and plum kiwi grape passionfruit twist. It's like pantyhose. Too many choices. But no "plum" or "apricot". Did babies complain about the lack of complexity in the fruit flavors? I'm mystified.

So this cake will have two jars of the closest thing I could find - plum bastardized with apples. I'm sure it won't impact the taste of the cake too much, but it's still just leaves me wondering what happened. I mean, the Gerber baby still looks like the same kid. Why did they have to mess with what went in the jar?

I will snag the camera out of my PFD pocket tomorrow morning to get a few pictures.

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