Friday, September 11, 2009

Bicycles and Restaurants

I did not cook last night. Two out of the five of you readers already know about yesterday, but for those who don't, Phillip got hit by a car yesterday when he was riding his bike to teach his class. He's just fine, but an ambulance hauled him off, then we spent four hours in the emergency room. (Mostly waiting for the doctor to remember to read his x-rays - he wandered off and forgot.)

So our morning started off like this:

and hours later went to this:

Life can turn on a dime. You do not want to be on your way to see your husband, and walk under a giant red TRAUMA sign in the ER, and you do not want to walk in and see the above. It's just scary.

Seriously, though, he's fine. And he was fine when he was in this getup. They put it on as a precaution. He was even pretty fine when he first got hit. He made sure he called the department secretary FIRST to tell her to please let his class know he wasn't going to make it. THEN he called me to let me know he'd been hit by a car. And, he felt good enough to be a complete tourist in the ambulance and take pictures of the interior with his cell phone.

They released him at 3:00. We came home and grabbed a quick bite, since we hadn't eaten since breakfast, then we had to go downtown to get his bike. He'd gotten hit right in front of the Port City Java on the corner of Grace and Front, and they were nice enough to hold his bike for us until we could get back and pick it up. It was pretty banged up. We took it on in to Two Wheeler Dealer for repairs.

Then we got home to deal with the fallout. A quick phone call gave us the information we did not want to hear - the driver who hit him is uninsured. Of course. Which means that we will now be stuck with all the bills for the ambulance ride, the hospital visit, and the bike repairs.
After a day like that, I just couldn't deal with dinner. So we went to Marc's and let our friends take care of us.

Yes, I was scared. Yes, I'm extremely grateful that my reason for living is still padding around the house in his pajamas, getting ready for another day. But I'm also really bummed that we're now going to face bills probably in the thousands for a situation that was totally not our fault. Sure, she got a ticket, and she'll be theoretically held accountable, but reality is that she will pretty much get away scott-free for running a red light and driving over my husband. Dad always reminds me "Life is not fair." And man, is he ever right.
Update: Phillip talked to our auto insurance provider (yay, Allstate!) and we ARE covered under our uninsure motorist coverage. Hooray! No deductible! Hooray! They don't cover the property damage to the bike, but I'm never letting him ride it again anyway, so that's OK!

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