Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Vacation from Posting

This is why I haven't posted in several days. Hannah and Duncan were here for a visit! They're such great kids. We had a blast.

They are the children of our very first couple friends. We met their parents, Ben and Amy, when we all lived in Atlanta, right after we'd all gotten married. I think Ben and Amy have actually been married a couple of years longer, but you get the point. Anyway, when they moved away from Atlanta (and us), Amy was pregnant with Hannah. We've obviously stayed close with them, and we've known the kids since before they were born. They're all family. And for the past few summers, we've gotten to borrow the kids for a few days to play.

While they were here, we were on the go a lot, so it was smoothies for breakfast, sandwiches or leftovers for lunch, and simple dinners or dinner out. I made a pasta dish one night that they both liked a lot - zuchinni, turkey sausage, pesto, green beans, and a little parmesan. And another night we made pizzas. We went sailing with Jack one night and had Flaming Amy's burritos, and last night after kayaking and playing on the beach in the hot sun all day, we took them and Ben (who came to steal them from us) out to Marc's on Market.

I do have a new cooking project centered around them. They were talking about how gnarly their school lunches are, and I told them if they wanted, I'd send them a weekly menu of stuff to pack for lunch along with any necessary instructions or recipes and a shopping list so they could do their own. They seemed excited about that and said they'd commit to spending 45 minutes or so on a Saturday or Sunday getting their lunches ready for the week. Ben was less enthusiastic. He seems to think it will just be one more thing he has to nag them about. We'll see.

It was a great visit. They left with Ben first thing this morning and we're bummed and lonely now. But we're also tired. I think the kids are, too. First of all, we didn't stop and rest much while they were here, and second, their dad woke them up early this morning to drive back home. They weren't thrilled. We're already looking forward to next year, and I'm excited about helping them with halfway decent lunches for this school year. I'll post about those when I pull some things together for them.

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