Wednesday, August 5, 2009


That's pretty much all we've been doing the past several nights. But the office is finished!

It's been a long haul, with a lot of tedious work, some boring (and very late night) dinners, but definitely worth it. We're both thrilled. It was officially finished Tuesday morning, and last night was the first time in a while we had dinner by 6:30 together.

Because of the work we've put into this project, this past weekend was devoted entirely to finishing up and NOT to planning meals. Needless to say, dinner Monday and last night didn't rank up there in "most inventive". Turkey cutlets with a pesto sauce, a brown rice pilaf, and some grilled eggplant did us fine last night, but wasn't worth blogging about. Tonight won't be much better for the main course, but I will blog about the salad, which is one of my favorites for this time of year. That will be later. Meanwhile, I sit at my desk (right) and look around at my new office and go "ahhhhhhhhh..."

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