Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Salmon with Heather and Walt

I know it's not the best picture. I feel lucky to have gotten one off at all with guests. I almost never do. So here it is.

Grilled Salmon
Toasted Corn, Cherry Tomato and Edamame Salad (from the latest Fine Cooking)
Whole Wheat Rolls

I'll admit that I overcooked the salmon a little. Oops! I got busy yapping with everyone and left it on the grill a little too long. It wasn't burned, but it was drier than I like. I'm hoping I gave them enough pomegranate margaritas before dinner that they didn't notice.

We ate outside again, and this time the bugs weren't bad at all. We were sorry when they had to leave, and even sorrier that they had to drive as far as they did, since the used to be able to just walk back next door. They were good neighbors. We love our new neighbor, but still miss having them right there.

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