Thursday, July 2, 2009

Salmon with Christin and Dave

I purposely blurred the picture so you couldn't see Christin and Dave. That way, they won't be mobbed by fans when they walk down the street. Right! (Sigh) Yeah, I know. I need a tripod. I just hate using the flash. It washes everything out and the colors are awful.

Christin and Dave are our new friends. We met them originally through another friend, and then got to know them by chatting them up at their booth at the Farmer's Market. They sell delicious produce and gorgeous flowers. I'm seriously jealous of the flowers. I love fresh flowers, but they're expensive to buy to just have to toss them in a week, and I don't get enough sun to grow much of anything. I got lucky and they brought me some beautiful gladiolas. Yay!

They run Federal Point Farms and work their heinies off to grow and harvest local, sustainable, organic produce. And their stuff is hittin'! So of course, I showed my support by serving them bland grocery store vegetables. Hey. Back off. It was Wednesday, and the Farmer's Market is Saturday and we'd already inhaled all the fresh veggies from there. We need a twice a week downtown Farmer's Market. I don't have time to drive all the way the hell to Poplar Grove on Wednesday morning. I have to work!

Here was the menu:

Whole Wheat Grilled Pizza topped with Lemon Parmesan dressed Spinach Salad (appetizer served with a nice dry Riesling that Sara picked out. It went great!)
Grilled Wild Caught Salmon
Roasted Red Potatoes with Rosemary
Green Beans with Garlic
(served with a Sauv. Blanc that Sara picked out too. Also great!)
Lemon Cornmeal Cake with Blackberries

We had a great time sitting out in the dusk, talking about farming, produce, composting, the fact that Dinky was sitting on Christin's leg under the table and knocked off her shoe, crappy grocery store food, rats, roaches and other pests, (including Dinky), what their work schedule is, and how they manage to do what they do. I learned a ton and was very impressed with how hard they work at something they're passionate about and devoted to. And something with which they do a really bang-up job. I'm looking forward to seeing them again on Saturday and replenishing our fresh produce supply!

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