Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cheeseburgers and Paint Scraping

I know. You're so inspired that you can't wait to get in the kitchen! I'll remind you that we're in the middle of redoing the office, and maybe you'll cut me some slack.

Yesterday was busy. We only played a couple of games of Freecell all day! We got up, went to the farmer's market and stocked up on fresh veggies and fruit. Then came home and unloaded all that. Then we went to Costco, started out buying groceries, and wound up also picking up two Henry Miller office chairs. I HATE our current office chairs. They're huge, haven't held up well at all, and mine just kills my back. It supports in all the wrong places. So we were overdue for new ones. These were a great deal and Henry Miller makes some seriously comfortable office chairs. We came home and unloaded all THAT stuff, put the chairs in the attic (we have limited space in the house right now with all the office furniture all over the rest of the house), then went out again, this time to the Teeter for remaining groceries.

Now you're probably thinking "Dude! You just stocked up! Why on earth couldn't you come up with anything better than cheeseburgers for dinner? That's just lame!"

A couple of reasons, actually. First, once we got back and put all the groceries away, we did KenpoX. By then it was 3:30 and we still hadn't started working on the office. And yesterday was "Scrape Day". (whee.) Second, I had promised my husband I would cook cheeseburgers for dinner. Bless his heart, while we were in there scraping away, he kept saying "It's OK. Cheeseburger's comin'." Now how can you disappoint someone who is standing there scraping paint off window mullions?
Since we started so late, we didn't finish scraping. I did the baseboards and around the windows, but as you can see, the mullions are a big job. Between this one window and taking down all the nails from the wall and spackling, he didn't finish. So that continues today. We were supposed to paint the walls, but since we didn't finish scraping AND we forgot to add "buying paint" to our errand list yesterday, that plan is pretty well hosed. Since there's only one window scraper, I'll be bathing the dogs, cleaning the house, and doing some weedeating outside.

We're helping Sara with the Marc's on Market booth for Taste of Wilmington tonight, so there won't be anything to report for dinner tonight. That should give me some time to come up with something a little more blog-worthy for a meal.

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