Monday, July 27, 2009

Asparagus Soup and Duck

We finished painting on Saturday (see?),
so we actually had a REAL Sunday to just do some cleanup and relax and run a couple of errands, including picking up some beautiful duck breasts from Fresh Market.

Asparagus Soup
Duck Breasts with Peach and Pear Sauce
Stone Ground Grits with Goat Cheese
Green Beans with Garlic

The soup is one of the P90X recipes, actually. Onion, garlic, asparagus, half a potato (to thicken it) and chicken or vegetable broth. Simmer it and then puree it. It was really delicous. It will also be good cold, and there was a good bit left over. Actually, there's less now than we started out with, because P. insisted on putting it in a container that was too small and then forcing the lid down. The kitchen (and he) looked like an alien had been gunned down in there. Green goop EVERYWHERE. Good lord.

For the duck, I did my skillet on the grill routine. Duck is wonderful, but SO messy and smokes up the whole house unless you cut the fat off. But it's perfect for outside in a really hot pan. I just salted and peppered it, then threw it skin-down in the 600 degree cast iron skillet, then got out of the way. After it was nice and crispy on that side (and there was about an inch of melted duck fat in the pan), I flipped it over briefly and pulled it off to let it sit.

For the sauce, I sauteed a minced shallot in some olive oil, then deglazed the pan with about 1/2 cup white wine and 1/2 cup pear nectar. Then I added sliced pear and peach and simmered that until it was reduced. I sliced the duck and poured the sauce on top.

The grits were just prepapred normally and then I added a dollop of goat cheese and stirred it in at the end. Hittin'!

It was good to have a nice meal after a week of black bean burgers and whatever I could throw together quickly. This week looks to be more leisurely, since the floor refinishing is short work, long waiting. And it's a one-person job, so I won't be involved. That will leave me a little more time for planning dinner.

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