Friday, January 30, 2009

Steak and Roasted Vegetables with Beth and Jack

This is Beth.

This is Jack.
Jack would like for you to believe that THIS is Jack:

But after a few rounds of cards with him, we know better.
I fed the man a nice dinner, and he and Phillip proceeded to bury Beth and me at Spades. Well, I guess we made a semi-respectable showing, but still. It was a loss.
Salad with Blue Cheese and Bacon
Pan-Seared Beef Filets with Gorgonzola Sauce
Roasted Vegetables
Rosemary-Olive Oil Bread
Chocolate-filled Ebelskivers with Caramel Ice Cream
I got an Ebelskiver pan for Christmas from my uncle, along with some mix. When I was a kid, I had a friend whose mother used to make them for us for breakfast when I spent the night. I could never remember what they were called. I kept wanting to call them snickerdoodles, but those are cookies. They're basically round pancakes that you can fill with fruit, jam, honey, chocolate, or whatever. I loved them when I was a kid. Then Williams-Sonoma introduced the pan sometime last year and *bing* I remembered what they were called. So anyway, I made them for dessert and filled them with chocolate and served them with Caramel Ice Cream. Yum. Apparently Jack's grandfather was Danish and there used to be some place in CA they would go out and get them when Jack was a kid. So he was happy to have them again for dessert.
Or maybe not. Maybe that's why he beat me up at Spades. Hmmm...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Roasted Cauliflower Soup and Grilled Bacon and Cheese Sandwiches

"No pictures?", you're saying... I hear you from here. Oh, come on. Everyone knows what a grilled cheese sandwich looks like. And the soup was white. I forgot to get a picture. We were hungry!

The soup was really good. I roasted a head of cauliflower in the oven on 400 for about 40 minutes. Then I sauteed some onions and celery, added a little flour to thicken it, then added about 4 cups of chicken stock, then the cauliflower. After that simmered for about 20 minutes, I tossed it in the food processor and whirled it until it was thick, with only a few chunks of cauliflower for texture. I do like cauliflower when it's roasted - not so much when it's just steamed or boiled. Then it sort of looks like albino brains and tastes ... well, too much like cauliflower. Roasted gives it a nice flavor and it carried over to the soup. I think Pootie liked it - he ate it, anyway. I don't recall whether there were any "mmmmms" or not. I liked it though. And there are leftovers for lunch. Yay!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Beef and Winter Vegetable Soup with Wild Rice

Once again, I am taking advantage of the small window of winter opportunity that the cooler weather presents. This is a hearty soup made with beef, butternut squash, mushrooms, turnips, and wild rice. It's probably reasonably healthy as well.
We've been busy, but haven't entertained much since the holidays. I'm planning to remedy that in the next week or so. We have friends I really want to spend some time with, and I've promised Shea, Jenn and David's oldest boy, some mac and cheese. So stay tuned!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Romaine Salad with Chicken and Warm Chipotle Vinaigrette

This salad is really good. Hearty, spicy and filling. The recipe I use calls for frying chicken dredged in chili powder, cumin and flour in a little olive oil. You could grill it too, of course. The vinaigrette is made up of sun-dried tomato, chipotle chili and adobo sauce, balsamic vinegar, brown sugar, a little dijon mustard, and olive oil. That's tossed with romaine, avocado, and then the chicken.
I had a cold the other night when I made this, (yes, I'm whining), and the dressing was spicy enough to hurt my throat a little, but it was still a good dinner. Phillip loved his and ate the leftovers for lunch the next day.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sopa De Albondigas

Once again it was a FREAKING cold day in my desert. Definitely a soup day.

I've been making this soup for years and it's a family favorite at our house. Mexican style meatballs simmered in broth, onions, garlic, ancho pepper, oregano and rice. Fresh spinach added at the end and a splash of lime to brighten it up and served with tortilla chips. Perfect on a cold day.

On another note, I'm planning two parties in the next month. The first, a dinner party to celebrate an adoption, is in two weeks. This will be a full dinner for 10. The second will be SuperBowl. We do SuperBowl a bit different in that we have non-football fans over, eat tons of snack foods, play games and watch the commercials. Not sure yet on how many, but probably a dozen or so, with kids. More to come...

Friday, January 2, 2009

Wilted Arugula Salad with Chicken, Crisp Potatoes and Warm Black Olive Dressing

That's a mouthful, isn't it? It was a tasty mouthful, though. The salad is made up of diced potatoes, cooked until crisp in olive oil, sauteed red onions, feta cheese, leftover roasted chicken, and a warm black olive vinaigrette, all tossed over arugula. It was excellent. And salty enough to penetrate our dulled sense of taste.
Now I have to figure out dinner tonight, because Ronda didn't bother sending ME any of her delicious Ham bone soup. Sheesh. I have to say, though, I'm SO proud of her for swiping a picture off the internet!